Respondent Recruitment For Research Projects

We recruit respondents for qualitative market research and specialise in finding respondents for user experience research, focus groups, in depth interviews, online communities, hall tests…. The quality of market research depends significantly on the calibre of the respondents. We ensure that you have the right people, at the right place, at the right time and we can also arrange a suitable venue for you. We have a lively online community which is constantly growing and this is a great source of respondents for Focus Groups and Online Communities. Our fieldwork managers and free find recruiters can also find more ‘hard to reach’ participants using more bespoke recruitment strategies or customer lists. The majority of our clients use us regularly and appreciate our fast, reliable service and ability to recruit hard to reach respondents. Whether you are a large or small organisation we are here to help you find  genuine respondents who accurately fit your projects spec. We aim to provide outstanding service on every project that we work on and we are always here to give advice as regards the feasibility of projects. We offer a reliable and professional service and we always work with our client to ensure that we recruit the best  respondents. Each client has their own Project Manager who will provide you with regular updates.  If there are any problems or difficulties you will be immediately alerted.      

Fast Turnaround

  • We can recruit respondents thought out the UK
  • We recruit respondents for focus groups, UX testing, online communities & depth interviews


“The candidates were all really good today, a really great mix of characters and truly insightful and entertaining so thanks once again" User Experience, Researcher

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