Recruitment Management

Expert Recruitment Management

Our experienced project managers are organised, dynamic and goal orientated. They are committed to making sure that your project is a success and will make sure that you have the right people, at the right place, at the right time.

The majority of our clients use us regularly and appreciate our fast, reliable service and ability to recruit hard to reach respondents. Whether you are a large or small organisation we are here to help you find  genuine respondents who accurately fit your projects spec. We aim to provide outstanding service on every project that we work on and we are always here to give advice as regards the feasibility of projects.  Each client has their own Project Manager who will provide you with regular updates.  If there are any problems or difficulties you will be immediately alerted.

We called ourselves Recruitment for Research for a reason – because we live and breath recruitment. We are disruptive and dynamic. Our managers love to challenge the status quo and develop different approaches to recruitment. We are intrigued by your projects and interested in individuals. We understand the UX and Qual world and we are always keen to recruit the best possible respondents for your projects.