Recruitment for Focus Groups & Co-Creation Workshops

The right people, in the right place, at the right time……

What we do

  • We work quickly to understand your brief in detail
  • We work with you to keep you updated on every step of the process
  • We design screening questionnaires to find the right participants every time, ahead of time
  • We can recruit from our own diverse online community of respondents
  • We can recruit specific groups or ‘hard to reach’ participants using bespoke recruitment strategies
What makes us special 
  • We can find recruits almost anywhere, including Europe, the US, Asia and Australia
  • We offer fast turnarounds for clients and even within 72 hours on request
  • We understand detailed and complex briefs
  • We can arrange viewing facilities, moderators and translation and transcription services if you need them
  • A trusted service provider for 10+ years, we’ve recruited thousands of respondents and have hundreds of happy clients